Friday, March 23, 2012


What a day we had here yesterday...wild weather caused so much flooding, 400mms of rain was dumped here on the coast in just a matter of hours, with 340mm between 2.30pm and 7.30pm.
My oldest daughter was stranded when she tried to collect Mia from daycare. She had to wade through water that come up over her knees. Then she couldn't get to the school to collect Summah from after school care as her car was surrounded by flood water. And I couldn't help at all as I was flood bound here at home, so many roads cut, the water just come out of nowhere so fast.
All the family are safe now which is the main thing.
Here are some photos.

All these images are from The Sunshine Coast Daily, our local newspaper. You can see more here.
Now the clean up begins!

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Angela said...

Mother nature can be so unpredictable hey Marisa? I'm glad you were all OK!