Saturday, March 03, 2012

Day 2 & 3

These are my photos for day 2 & 3 for a photo a day.
Day 2 was fruit, so while I was out grocery shopping I took this photo of the fruit on sale at my local Woolies supermarket.
I was actually after grapes but guess what they had sold out :( was told they had only purchased 6 boxes...are you kidding me 6 boxes of grapes no wonder they had sold out.
So for day 3 it is your neighborhood. So we live out of town on acreage, so I took a photo of the dirt road we live on.
 Love the peaceful rural living but boy does it annoy me when we get lots of traffic using the road, there is a boat ramp at the end of our road that is very popular.
So these are my 2 photos to share with you all, tomorrows photo is 'bedside', could be interesting [have you seen by bedside table, lol]
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