Thursday, April 30, 2009

What A Day!!!

Yesterday I had my day all planned out for today so that I could get lots of scrapping done, well I should know better than to plan out a day because it never works out for me....
I am so looking forward to today being over....let me see what happened today!
I woke up this morning with the worst headache to start with, from there my day just went down hill...the phone kept ringing and interrupting my plans.
Then one of our dogs 'King' got out of his pen and got run over by a car, so had to rush him to the vet, very hard to do when you are stuck at home without a car yourself and live 10 mins drive away from the vets. Well lots of phone calls later finally got that sorted. I was so worried that King was going to die in front of me, would not of been able to handle that today at all...
Also had to organise someone to pick up my youngest son from work as my youngest daughter who was to pick him up was working overtime....
Oh I am so looking forward to today being over...
Oh yes the King is ok, lots of stitches and bandages but ok.
Look at his his paws, he has stitches in them plus lots more all over his body. He also has so much skin taken off all over his body. Oh I cried when I saw him, all cut up like he was.
So how was your day!
Keep Safe,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Little Share For Today...

This is my latest ATC I have made, this is for the last ATC swap at D2U. I really love these colours: red/black. The theme 're purposed paper' stumped me a bit, but I am happy with the end result.

Well that is the only creation I have to share with you, my mojo seems to be on an extended holiday...I wish it would return soon, I am really missing it.
I am still house bound with no car, I did get it back on Sunday but alas it is gone again, now my hubby needs it has his car is broken...oh I am so looking forward to getting my car back, hopefully it wont be too long.
Keep Safe,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them
Lest We Forget.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh I Hate Being...

stuck without a car!!!
Having to rely on other to take me places , well at present my youngest daughter is in between jobs so she has been available when I have had to go out. We don't get public transport out here as we live out of town which is a bummer.
You see my oldest daughter has my car has hers is broken, well she has had my car now for nearly 2 weeks so I am praying and keeping all fingers, legs, you name it crossed that I get my car back this week end.
I know I am too generous, all my family keep telling me that.
Oh well just have to wait and see now if I get my baby (that is my car) back this week end.

Keep Safe,

Wow Look At These....

I just found these on Martha Stewart website. They are just gorgeous!

You can watch the video here on how to make them and there is also written instructions as well.

Keep Safe,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Internet, Doesn't It Just!!!!

mad you made :(
Our internet went down on EasterMonday and after lots of phone calls to out internet provider and lots of checking first thing Tuesday, a fault was submitted to get our line fixed. Well they finally came out yesterday to fix it and it took 5 hours to correct to problem. Now for some reason we have a very slow connection which I have to get sorted out today, oh the joys of modern technology!!!
So onto other thing now...
I have only one layout to share with you today. I created this layout for the 'Ebony & Ivory' Challenge over at Read, Set, Scrap. The challenge was to use ebony/brown/blue colors, flux stitching, artisan shape. Lol, I seem to have a real thing for scrapping black/brown/blue color combos at the moment....will have to move to other colors I think.
So here it is...
This is another photo of my dad & sister, when they went to Italy in 1977. Also in the photo are 2 of my aunties.
Oh look at this bug that was on our veranda last night, youngest ds freaked over it....
It was huge, the lighter measures 7.8cm as a guide.
If anyone know what sort of bug it let me know! It had some very wicked pincers which Wobbles found out about, poor cat had a very sore nose for quite a while. That will teach him for being too curious. lol...
Well I am off now to see about our internet speed and try and sort something out there.
Keep Safe,

Monday, April 13, 2009


that is the word for this months word challenge over at Read, Set, Scrap.
Well I racked my brains as to what photos I could use, then I remembered these that were taken when we were on holiday at Bali a few years ago. We went to the monkey forest and the monkeys were so cheeky and tame. Mind you they make a mess of your hair, I think they like to look for nits, lol....they also steal your valuables like camera, jewelery, wallets, you name it they will take it. They will also pee on you if you weren't careful, youngest son had a lovely big wet patch down his back after this very large male monkey took a fancy to him, lol...
Well here is the layout I created...

it took me 2 days to complete it...I just seem to be scrapping really slow of late :(

Keep Safe,

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter so far, I am!
Well I have a layout to share with you today and I must say I have had a better result with my finished layout than I did yesterday, lol...
This layout is for the April Negative Space Challenge over at Read, Set, Scrap
Criteria was to use felt, 5 or more buttons, ribbon, hand or machine stitching. Well I covered all that and I do so like the way this layout turned out, so here it is.....
Oh I just love this Prima paper, isn't it just divine!
Here are a couple of close up of the detail....

Well that is it for today, I have been kicked out of my scrapping room by my youngest ds, he wants to listen to his music while he is on the main computer and I just can not scrap while his music is playing I tend to pull my hair out instead as it isn't my type of music, lol....
Keep Safe,

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oh Oops!!!

I did this layout for the numbers challenge over at Ready, Set, Scrap. The criteria was to use
1x Bird
2x Fonts (in title)
3x Buttons
4x Pattern Papers
5x Small Flowers
6x Rhinestones
well I ended up using 5 pattern papers, oops!
And I am not happy with the end result of my layout, might have to give this one another go I think. And my photo of the layout didn't come out very well either...maybe I should of just given up on trying to scrap today I just could not seem to get my ideas down on the page :(
Well here it is....
Oh darn I am really not happy with this! Might have to do some alterations or additions.
I hope everyone has a great Easter and if traveling take care.
Keep Safe,

Monday, April 06, 2009

Well Not Sure....

I have created another male layout, but I seem to have a real problem with the whole masculine no frills/flowers thingy. I just cant seem to get my head around not using these things on a page so it usually looks as if it is missing something from my point of view. I am not sure if I really like my end results here, oh well it is done now. So anyway here it is...
Oh and I seem to of damaged my photo, I dropped a pair of scissors on it after I stuck it down :( I really need a larger scrapping desk, my small space is getting smaller and smaller by the day it seems, everybody else is taking over parts of my desk with there stuff :(
I still have one more layout in progress so I am hoping to get it finished tomorrow.
So until then....
Keep Safe,

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Well I have been scrapping but only have 1 to share with you at the moment, the others are still works in progress, lol, not like me I usually only do one layout at a time but when you are waiting for glue/paint etc to dry you just start another one.
So here is the one I can share.....
Now how is this I tried a different style, minimalist effect, well I like the end result as the photos of my grand daughter Summah at age 4 months are the main focus. Oh and those new Prima flowers are just gorgeous (so delicate) I seem to have a real love for long stem flowers at the moment. I am hoping to finish the other layouts tomorrow.
Keep Safe,

Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Printer

Well I didn't get any scrapping done today. After I checked on the net about what could be causing the 'wrong cartridge' error message and founding out it could be the print head. Hubby and I decided to go out to get a new one, well because our printer is 7 years old it is really hard to find the right one and I didn't realise that they are also quiet expensive. So after going from shop to shop without any luck we decided to just buy a new printer.
Woo hoo...I now have a multi function printer that does photos as well....I have already tested the photo printing and it works really well. Already had a basic photo printer but this machine works so much better.

So this is our new printer. I have to say I like it not being has bulky as the last one we had, so I have more room on my desk.
So I am hoping that the photos I printer today I can scrap tomorrow, no I should say I am going to create some layouts tomorrow.
Keep Safe,

Friday, April 03, 2009

Doesn't It Just...

rile you when something is working fine one minute and then it doesn't.
Well you see I used my office printer on Wednesday and it was working fine. Didn't use it yesterday as we went to Brisbane to visit MIL who is in hospital down there. So anyway I had to do some printing today and would you believe it the stupid thing wouldn't work, it had an error message on the little screen saying 'wrong cartridge' I haven't changed any ink so what the heck is going on, the only thing I have done is turn it off & on....hubby had a look and could not see what could be wrong with it. It wont even let me do a deep clean, it just won't work, just has these flashing red lights. So I am angry and a little peeved off. I don't want to use my photo printer to print off documents, that is just a waste of really expensive ink. So I am in a bit of a bind as I don't know if it is worth getting this printer fixed as we have had it for about 7 years, just to get someone to look at it will cost me a service fee and if I need a new one the fee could go toward the new one instead....oh I just don't know what to do :(
Oh I haven't had a chance to do any scrapping for the last few days, I am so going to do some tomorrow seeing as it is raining and very wet here, it is the perfect weather for getting some scrapping done.

Keep Safe,