Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh I Hate Being...

stuck without a car!!!
Having to rely on other to take me places , well at present my youngest daughter is in between jobs so she has been available when I have had to go out. We don't get public transport out here as we live out of town which is a bummer.
You see my oldest daughter has my car has hers is broken, well she has had my car now for nearly 2 weeks so I am praying and keeping all fingers, legs, you name it crossed that I get my car back this week end.
I know I am too generous, all my family keep telling me that.
Oh well just have to wait and see now if I get my baby (that is my car) back this week end.

Keep Safe,

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Kirsty said...

That would drive me nutso!! Hope you get your car back soon...its hard to say 'no' to our kids:)