Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Boy...

Finally moved all my scrapping stash out of my daughters room today. Well if you don't know my daughter moved out a while ago, so I moved all my scrapping stuff (oh I had my own studio at last, hooray) into her old room. Well just before Christmas she decided to move back in, grrrrrrr. Well I told her I wasn't going to do any moving until after Christmas. I kept putting it off and putting it off (poor kid was sleeping on a mattress on the floor), well the time came that I had to move out, so it was today....
I did get a layout started today so will show it when I have finished it.
Oh and I am really getting into 'Twilight' the book, enjoying it.

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Ruby Claire said...

hehe have fun moving it all out!
YAY you have started Twilight! :D I am a Twilight addict! Next you have to move onto 'The Host' by the same author. It is an amazing book also! :D