Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Have You Ever

hit a time in your life were you have thought why am I even bothering to scrap?
Well I have been feeling like that lately. It takes me forever to get even one page completed. Yesterday I tried to start a layout, and I looked at my photos I wanted to use and nothing. I went through some papers picked a couple that I liked then nothing. This took a total of nearly 2 hours :( I then decided to call it quite.
Maybe I need to walk away from it all for a while, take a holiday so to speak. I will try again today to see if I can at least do this layout that has to be done. It just feels strange that I can't seem to get any creativeness happening at all with traditional scrapping, have done a few digital pages but still not 100% happy with these either. Oh dear I am waffling on aren't I, thanks for listening anyway...much appreciated ♥


Sar said...

Hope you find your mojo again soon, we all go through stages like that, don't give up!!!

Angela said...

Oh dear!!! I hope a little break is all you need Marisa. It definitely hasn't been showing in your wonderful pages.