Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous 2012. I am still thinking of what my new year resolution will be...nothing like leaving it to the last minute, lol.
This past year has gone so quickly, it seems like only yesterday it was New Years 2011. Lots of things happened this year and the best of all was the arrival of our new grand daughter Mia. There were also very sad times with the passing of my nephew and a close co-worker.
So I am so looking forward to 2012, there are changes coming and I am looking forward to them. One of my goals this year is to submit my layouts to scrapbooking magazines. I have decided that my word for 2012 is 'believe', I have to believe more in myself and what I can do. So on that note I will say good night and see you all in 2012 ♥

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Linda said...

You definitely need to sub your is gorgeous!