Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Page

For my album 'my place in the sun'.
For July the topic is to create a page or two about feathers, fur and fins.
So I have scrapped about the birds that are around our house. Some are so lovely and sweet but other I could gladly see the back end of for good. Take the pesty magpies they are forever on the veranda eating the cat food so we have to constantly keep the food covered much to the cat's disgust. And what about the plovers, so noisy and they chase you when they are nesting...well anyway here is my page.
Thanks for stopping by, much appreciate all your lovely comments :)

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Jane said...

Love your page Marisa. We have the maggies here to - they must have a colony close to us as we get the grey feathered babies with the parents and they show no fear at all. Love watching their antics.