Monday, January 11, 2010

A Couple More...

Here are a couple more layouts I have created for the challenges over at Scrapz.Biz.
This first one was to create a layout with what you had on your desk, well my grand daughter helped out here. She came over and decided my desk was way to tidy, after I had spent a good few hours tiding it, so she pulled out a heap of my stash. She did put a lot of it away but of course there was a few bit left out. All I had to do was select the paper I wanted to use has the photo was already on my desk. I have had these papers forever in my stash and I was so glad that I finally got to use them.

I got a shock when I saw this as the feature layout on home page.
This next one was to create a layout with embellishments made using your punches, so I made these flowers out of my circle punches, the leaves are made from a heart punch and I also used my border punch.

The butterfly I traced out of a chipboard shape then cut it out.
Deb over at Scrapz.Biz has set a 52 week photo challenge, for week 2 we have to record our 2010 resolutions or intentions. I have done mine and kept them very simple this year. Had fun playing with my photo editing program to create this...

 I found out yesterday that I am allergic to mango tree sap, you see I helped hubby to pick a lot of our mangoes has the flying foxes were getting to them. Well anyway I got some sap on my upper chest and you would not believe it when I got home from work last night I had these huge red welts that were that itchy. Today they have gone down a bit but they are till so itchy and they are starting to seep. I told hubby he has to pick the rest of the mangoes by himself. So glad that I can still eat mangoes, I love them!
Well that is all for now, keep safe!

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