Monday, March 16, 2009

Ouch It Hurt!

I got my leg caught on a piece of wire yesterday when I was getting into the dog pen to clean it out. I now have one good pair of short that are ruined :( and a gash on my leg. I won't be taking a photo to show you all as it is very near my groin. I just can't believe that I got caught the way I did, I had these mental pictures in my head of being found all caught up and tangled when it happened, thank god I go myself untangled even if it caused a bet of damage. Well I do have to laugh about it now :), even hubby has had a chuckle about it.
Well onto other things now...I didn't get much scraping done this weekend :( I don't know where the time went it just flew by. I did get a set of ATC done for the swap at D2U, I had to have two goes at getting them the way I wanted them to look, the first lot I threw away has they were terrible but I am happy with the second lot.
So that is about all. Will upload photo of ATC soon.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Chelsea Ling said...

sorry to hear about your leg :(