Monday, March 09, 2009

A Little Peak...

at a layout but I can't show you the whole thing just yet.

I have to say I rather like the way this layout turned out. Will be able to reveal the whole image next week. I struggled to get this layout finished but it took me days to complete, I seem to of lost my creative juices at present. I have so many things I what to create but I just look at my stash and nothing jumps out and grabs me at the moment. It doesn't help that my sinuses are all blocked and my ears are sore. Oh I hate having a head that feels like it is full of cotton wool :(
Well onto some other things now!
Do you like a sale?
Well D2U is having one with a massive 30% off all stock. Sale started today and runs through until Wednesday 25th. So pop on over and grab a few bargains.
I hope that the cyclone does down grade before it crosses the coast, has it is getting closer to where I live. It is cloudy today and the wind seem to come in bursts, calm one minute then gusts of wind the next, not raining just yet.
Well that is all for now, hope everyone had a fantastic week end.
Stay Safe!

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