Monday, February 16, 2009

A Chellenge for Me from...

Kim, and this is what is involved....
  • Go into your “My pictures” folder
  • Go to folder no 6 and choose the 6th photo in that folder
  • Put the photo on your blog, and tell your readers about it
  • Challenge 6 others by comments on their blog to do the same
Well here is my photo...

Well here is the photo, it is of my SIL, Sandy and her first born child Sophia on her naming day.
The service was in my in-laws garden, the weather was perfect until later that arvo when a huge storm hit, we got home just before it hit.
Thanks Kim, I still haven't scrapped this photo, it is on my to do list, like so many other things, lol.
Now to tag 6 other wonderful people to take up the challenge.
Chiquita, Jacque, Jayne, Jane, Nat, Brenda

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, I look forward to seeing the layout Marisa!

Can't get onto D2U atm. Hope I can get there tonight for blind scrap!!