Thursday, December 04, 2008

Oh The Crowds....

I went Christmas shopping yesterday and boy was it busy. I will hate to see it when it gets closer to Christmas! But anyway I got half of my pressies so I am pleased, now just have to try and get the rest. I had a very hard time this year in deciding on what to get everyone. Is it just me or is it getting harder to come up with ideas for presents without doubling up on what you have brought in previous years.
I also went to my grand daughter daycare Christmas party last night, they were all so cute dressed in their Christmas clothes and singing carols. Santa even made an appearance, he gave out little treat bags of lollies to all the kids. I did take some photos, haven't loaded them on the computer just yet to see if they turned out alright. There were so many parents and family members there that it was hard to get decent shots of the kids.
Well I had better go and do some work I think. I have a challenge to complete and a secret santa handmade item to make.
Till next time.

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Kerryn said...

How cute Marisa! My DS saw Santa at Kindergym today and he even sat on his lap willingly. Better than last year when he screamed with fright when santa entered the room LOL.