Sunday, December 07, 2008

Boy Is It Hot....

today! Went to my SIL 40th birthday party this afternoon and did we feel the heat. She lives in town and there was no breeze, it was so still and hot. It was so hot we were drenched with sweat.
A storm did come over every quickly but all it did was made some noise, dropped a few drops of rain and that was it, the humidity didn't get any better if anything made it worse. Oh and the flies were really bad, I have never seen them that bad before. Anyway we did not stay very long as it was just too hot. The heat got to me so much that I didn't even have a any alcoholic drinks just drank liters of water.
Now I notice while I am sitting here typing this post that there is a lot of rumbling of thunder so I think another storm is coming. Oh I hope this one cools it down a bit. If it keeps going like this we are going to have one very hot Christmas day.

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