Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Week 1 of Uni Studies

LOL! No I am not attending Uni as in going to the bricks and mortar building and attending classes, taking exams etc...
I am attending Scrapz Biz University , it is all about creating scrapbooking creations.
So far for week 1 I have done 3 courses:
Behavioural Sciences: extra criteria to use punched elements and stitching, plus journal about behavioural characteristics of someone close to you.
Genealogy studies: extra criteria was to use paint/ink splatters and string, plus a photo of 3 or more generation of the family.
Architecture studies: extra criteria was to use more than 100 words of journaling, I did 167 words which was a first for me, plus a photo of your home or room in your home...

So that is all for now, thanks for stopping by :)


Fiona said...

You're layouts are fabulous Marisa! You are scrapping up a storm, look forward to seeing the last one for this week :)

Lean said...

beautiful pages lovely work Marisa.

DebiJ said...

Wow Marisa, what fabulous pages you have made, you have such beautiful work.
And this is an interesting idea too...a scrap uni!! Better check it out!