Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Little Corner Of Paradise

This is another page for 'my place in the sun' album. Lesson 1- no place like home.
it isn't much but we call it home. This is looking down our drive way, we live out of town on acreage.   The yard was very untidy, it had been raining for days and the grass was extra long and hubby was trying to fix the driveway has half of it ha washed away.
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Jane said...

It looks so tranquil with the mountains in the distance. I totally love your use of orange on this page - it makes the layout pop.

Carla said...

I actually love your driveway just as it is, reminds me so much of our lane that leads to our house.

Shazza said...

Love your long driveway Marisa....you have a beautiful scenic spot where you live...so peaceful!