Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I Made These Today...

I wanted to make some tags, but I wanted them to be different. So I dug out my acetate sheets and made see through tags. I am really please with them :)
Also had a play with my camera, now I don't have a Digital SLR camera (would love one, I have added it to my Christmas wish list, lol) but mine does have a lot of extra settings and would you believe it that I have never played with a lot of them. So anyway I wanted to take a photo of our Christmas tree which I finally put up today but it hasn't been finished being decorated, have to wait for grand daughter to come on Thursday. Well anyway the photo, it was very dark in our family room so I played with the shutter speed and look at the photo that I took, you would think that it was taken in daylight...I told hubby that it has only taken me what 4 years to learn to do this on my camera, he had a good laugh, but love the photo.
Will have to take another photo after the tree is all finished as well.


Kerryn said...

I love these acetate tags Marisa :). It's so good to have crossed paths on another forum again :).

I wouldn't know anything other than automatic settings on my camera, but I want a digital SLR for christmas LOL. I will have to learn.

LG said...

Hey sweetie!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to drop by lately, everything is just so busy during this time of the year. I hope you are doing okay and enjoying this season. Cute tree!

As always, I love your works! Very inspirational and the details are exquisite. Great job!